Moto One has, presently, a prestigious headquarter, located amongst nature, between the Palladian architecture of the Venetian Villas and the countryside, featuring a large showroom with all its production on display to experience the quality first-hand, explained by the enthu-siastic narration of the owners, the first ones to test their own garments. Just in few years, Moto One has been able to generate a small but significant space on the market, making themselves known on the international markets as well, going beyond the European borders with their export business.

The Family

As in the best of Veneto and Italian family based manufacturing traditions,  in addition to the owners, Paolo and Luana, Moto One is welcoming the second generation, with the young Filippo who, presently, being digital native, is dedicated to the marketing area, connected to pixels, photographic image, social networks, utilizing templates and Cloud to manage the company on the web. 

The Line

Today, Moto One is one of the most interesting and energetic brands in the sector, with a very comprehensive catalog characterized by a great price/quality ratio. Over sixty pages of products, divided into eight sections, from motorcycle technical clothing to gloves and undergarment in Carbon Energized, but also jeans with specific protections for the motorcyclists and rain gear.

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